Rancho Christian High School provides a fully accredited, comprehensive, college preparatory academic program.  The RCHS curriculum was designed as a result of research into proven and effective forms of curriculum and instruction.  It borrows from the traditional liberal arts education with a strong emphasis in reading and writing across the curriculum; creating connections between the different disciplines; training students in critical thinking; building articulation; while providing a Biblically integrated, Christ-centered approach.

The distinctives of the Rancho Christian High School education are:

  • Biblical integration throughout, stemming from a Christian world view.

  • Writing across the curriculum with strong support of grammar, and development of persuasive argument.

  • Reading source literature with a critical eye, asking important questions.

  • Making connections between all the disciplines, mathematics and science,literature and history, art and philosophy, etc.

  • Equipping students with knowledge and skill to become life-long learners.

  • Growing students who are articulate and critical thinkers.

These core objectives will make the RCHS graduate University Ready and are consistent with the research provided by the American Association of Schools and Colleges which provides these keys to student success in college.

  • Students need to engage texts critically and ask the right kinds of questions.

  • Successful students connect reading to writing and to critical thinking.

  • Successful students express ideas (articulate) with clarity, cohesiveness and meaning, not simply describe events.

  • Successful students understand how to support an argument (persuasively).

  • Students must think comparatively and make connections across texts, disciplines and points of view.(integration)

  • Students must be able to discuss literature, science, art and mathematics in the context of history (integration).

  • Students succeed when they are ready to embrace the learning process and make it their own.