University Ready | Life Ready

As a school that is accredited by both WASC and ACSI and complies with the University of California A-G Requirements, we are committed to a quality program that readies every student for University. While all students and families may not ultimately choose that route, it’s our commitment to walk with all students down this path through their high school graduation.

For students who excel beyond the scope of University Ready requirements, we offer the Distinguished Scholar Program. Through on-site AP classes, along with formal partnerships with local colleges, students who succeed in the Distinguished Scholar Program could have the first semester of college completed by the time they graduate high school. For a few, the first year of college could be completed by graduation. There are significant academic and economic advantages to entering a college/university as a second semester freshman or sophomore.

When students graduate from high school, academics are not the only test these young men and women will face. This world is an incredibly complex maze of world-views, faiths, temptations, questions, conflicts and values. Graduating an academically competent student does not necessarily mean a school has adequately equipped a student with a heart of wisdom. It is our desire to graduate both excellent students and wise young men and women.

At Rancho Christian  we aim to serve parents in the life-development of their children by creating vital relationships with youth pastors, mentors, community leaders, and local and global ministries. These partnerships will provide students with worldview-shaping environments that will develop Christ-honoring adults, equipped for the life that awaits them.