Volunteer at Rancho Christian School

Whether their kids are just starting kindergarten or entering the final year of high school, there are many good reasons for parents to volunteer at school. It's a great way to show your kids that you take an interest in their education, and it sends a positive message that you consider school a worthwhile cause.  

Why we volunteer at Rancho Christian School

A volunteer’s job at Rancho Christian School is to foster relationships that produce a shared UNDERSTANDING, APPRECIATION, and RESPONSIBILITY for the enhancement of the Rancho experience.

What does this mean?  

This means each student, parent, staff member, donor, and friend OWNS the following statements:

  1. We are a community that lifts one another up.

  2. We are a community that shares good news publicly and proudly.

  3. We are a transparent community.

  4. We are an innovative community.

  5. We are a grateful community.

  6. We are a community that understands every dollar given, earned or charged is for the fulfillment of the student experience.

  7. Because we value the above, and most importantly, we recognize the power of Christ to work in the hearts of our students, staff, families and friends, we willingly give of our valuable expertise, attention, and resources

Volunteer Tracking System

Click the buttons below to access Rancho’s Volunteer Tracking System where you can submit or check your Family Service Hours, and select the areas that you would like to be involved at RCS:

Family Participation Obligations

“Family Participation Obligations” (formerly “Parent Hours”) help build school community by helping to reduce campus costs or providing additional financial support to the school budget. All families have three options when looking to complete their Family Participation Obligations:

  1. Family Service Hours: Families can choose to serve 20 hours of their time per year, per family. Hours must be logged by May 1 of each school year.

  2. Fundraising: Families wishing to participate in campus event fundraisers (Gala, Golf Tournament, Fun Run, etc) can solicit sponsorship and underwriting opportunities for a minimum net benefit to Rancho of $250 or more.

  3. Opt Out Fees: Families may opt out of FPOs at a rate of $10/hour. Families will be billed on May 1, of each school year, for the opt out fees. Note: Families receiving tuition assistance MAY NOT opt out of FAMILY PARTICIPATION OBLIGATIONS.

Research shows that when parents actively participate at their child's school, that their child performs better.  So, Family Participation Obligations at Rancho Christian School are as much about helping Rancho out, as it is giving parents (or grandparents) the opportunity to engage more deeply in their child’s educational adventure. Service Hours can be satisfied by any member of the child’s immediate family and are self reported on the honor system. We encourage parents to think creatively about how they can use their gifts to the benefit of their child’s school.