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High School
Service Day

March 20, 2019

Wednesday, March 20, is a Service Day for Rancho Christian High School! This is an incredibly exciting day for our high school and one we have been anticipating all year!

Students in grades 10-12 will be traveling off campus to serve at a variety of organizations located in Temecula, San Diego, and surrounding areas. Students in grade 9 will remain on campus to do a variety of outreach projects.


Students in grades 10-12 will be traveling off campus to serve at various non-profit organizations. Participating organizations are in the Temecula, San Diego and surrounding areas. Students will be traveling from RCS to their locations via school van, chartered bus, or in a few cases teacher/staff cars.


Students in grade 9 will remain on campus and will work in small groups to create various outreach projects for local organizations in need of special items like, blankets, toys and toiletries.


Students will have the opportunity in their theology courses and in conversation in other classes following their work to share a bit about the organizations they supported and their experiences with these non-profits.


This week during Theology classes, all students will be selecting the location where they would like to serve (students in grades 10-12) or project they’d like to work on (grade 9). If you have a location preference please discuss it with your student prior to their selection submission as they will be held accountable for that decision. It is the responsibility of the student to be aware of their own schedules and interests. Although the day is designed to be fun, it is also a day for students to get out of their comfort zone a little. Talk with your student about where serving might impact them the most.


Prior to Wednesday, March 20, your student will receive a special SERVICE DAY T-shirt. Please make sure this shirt is ready to be worn on Service Day by your student. It should be considered their uniform for the day along with jeans and closed toe shoes.


Service Day is considered a regular school day. Absences and tardies must follow all standing policies and procedures. Transportation will not wait for students who are tardy. Tardy students will be placed in on campus activities until the end of the school day.


For students travelling off campus, lunch will not be provided - they will need to bring their own sack lunch for the day.


Above, you will find the field trip permission slip please return it signed to Mrs. Navarrette at the front desk.

1 Corinthians 12:5

There are different kinds of service but the same Lord.