RCHS Senior/Junior Projects

The individual disciplines within the Humanities department at RCHS continually strive to work in tandem with one another in an effort to illustrate the inextricable link between peoples of a given time period and location, writings they produce, and the worldview they hold.

Senior Project:

The senior class will be participating in a joint project, truly blending these disciplines into a culminating senior project involving historical study, literary analysis, objective research, rhetoric, self-evaluation, and reflection.  Students will write an 11-15 page paper using literature, research, and personal experience.  Students will choose a topic that is interdisciplinary in approach which will allow them to make connections between several disciplines in their educational experience, in order to say something meaningful about the topic, and to ultimately discuss their journey through Rancho Christian HS (or whatever schooling they experienced).  It is expected that this discussion will relate to the coursework being done during the senior year (i.e. 1984, Fellowship of the Ring, Silent Planet, Orthodoxy, Mere Christianity, etc.), as well as reflect other aspects (topics, texts, etc.) of their educational journey.  It is expected that by the end of the project, we will be able to see a sense of who they are and their journey—past, present, and future.  In addition to the paper, students will deliver an oral presentation (using visual aides, multimedia, artifacts, etc.) to a panel of judges that will review their projects.

An evening presentation to parents and members of the public will be the culmination of this project.

Junior Project:

The junior class will be participating in a joint research project, truly blending the disciplines of historical study, literary criticism, and objective research. Students will write an 8-10 page research paper dealing with a subject in American history, from the perspective of American society, that is also dealt with in American literature. In addition to this, the topic must fall under, and connect to, one of the broad themes in American history, such as politics, cultural diversity, immigration, or economics. In addition to the paper, students will deliver an oral presentation in front of their class using visual aides and handouts.

RCHS Class of 2019 Senior Presentation Night:

RCHS Class of 2018 Senior Presentation Night: