Rancho Gives Day

December 14, 2018

Celebrate Rancho Gives Day with us on DECEMBER 14!

Each year, Rancho celebrates a season of Thanks and Giving - parents, teachers, and students alike know that it takes the support and prayers of many to help make the Rancho experience so special. Your donations - all donations - make a difference in the life of our students - they help give students their voice to make difference in the lives of others.

On December 14, we have the opportunity to speak with ONE VOICE - to show our strength as a family, and show our students we are all here, together, for them!

Finding A Voice.jpg

Giving to Rancho

Donations to Rancho Gives Day can be designated to

Campus-wide programs:

  • Annual Fund

  • Angel Investment Fund

Specific programs:

  • Arts

  • Athletics

  • Academics

  • Enrichment

  • Library

  • Technology

Make your gift to Rancho Christian School on December 14 and help us reach our goal of 100 donors by midnight!

Every donor. Every gift. Every student. Matters.