Rancho Christian is proud to offer Christ-centered, quality, private preschool through high school education. Our preschool has been serving children ages 2 to 6 since 1981. Rancho Christian School has grown over the decades to extend this tradition of exceptional education through the 12th grade. We are also a ministry of Rancho Community Church, which has been serving the Temecula & Murrieta Valley for over 40 years.

We realize that choosing a school is an important decision for parents and we want to do our best to share with you the advantages of a private education with Rancho Christian. Below are some of the core distinctives and values that drive our school.


To build Christ-centered leaders who are University Ready – Life Ready


Rancho Christian School is a model of exceptionalism, centered on the grace and truth of Jesus Christ. We cultivate a safe and positive environment where students journey through a comprehensive, premier educational experience. Graduates will transform their communities, our nation, and the world.


  • Loving God and Others

  • Christ-like Character

  • Premier Education

  • Exceptional Programs


The Rancho Christian School(s) graduate shall be:

  • Christ-Like: having obtained an understanding of the Christian faith, equipped for continued spiritual growth, able to integrate the word of God into their lives, prepared to serve Christ and others and having the character of a virtuous man or woman.

  • A Life-Long Learner: having read a wide scope of literature, trained in the skills of doing research, gathering and assimilating information, recognizing their own personal giftedness, and having a knowledge and appreciation of art and culture.

  • Articulate: able to express thoughtful ideas through writing, speech, and the creative arts.

  • A Thinker: having obtained knowledge, skilled in critical analysis, able to solve problems and to draw logical conclusions.

  • Wholesome: having both the knowledge and understanding to care for the mental, physical and spiritual welfare of themselves and others.


At Rancho Christian School we aim to partner with parents in the life development of their children by creating vital relationships with youth pastors, mentors, community leaders, and local and global ministries. These partnerships will provide students with environments that will help shape their worldview and develop Christ-honoring adults, equipped for the life that awaits them. This world is an incredibly complex maze of worldviews, faiths, temptations, questions, conflicts and values. Graduating an academically competent student does not necessarily mean a school has adequately equipped a student with a heart of wisdom. It is our desire to graduate both excellent students and wise young men and women.

  • Weekly Chapels with teaching by Pastors and Guest Speakers

  • Worship Team

  • Rancho Community Church Pastors on Campus

  • Community Service and Outreach Opportunities


  • All Staff & Faculty fingerprinted & background checked utilizing the “Live Scan” F.B.I. National Database

  • All visitors to campus check in/out using the “Raptor” system which checks against a continually updated, offender database

  • All Staff & Faculty CPR and First Aid Certified

  • Recurring Fire, Earthquake, and Campus “Lock Down” drills

  • 72 hour Earthquake Kits available for every classroom

  • Campus Equipped with a multiple-location, recording video cameras