High School Mock Interview Day

To follow our school ethos of “University Ready, Life Ready” students in High School Consumer Math class have spent the last couple of weeks preparing for mock interviews as if it were their first interview after completion of college.  Students have already completed a variety of “life ready" projects in consumer math class this year that include a written budget, purchasing a vehicle, true costs of student loans, and a personal resume. This is in addition to an online math learning portal they use each class period. This final project is an accumulation of the knowledge they have acquired and will put into practice later in life.

Each student dressed up for the occasion in business attire or dress that is appropriate for their chosen profession. They ensure every hair is in place, a firm handshake is given, and direct eye contact is made. They have brought copies of their resume, 3 references, and questions for their interviewer. They are confident because they have prepared by researching questions the interviewer may ask - both general and job specific. As with anything new, they have some nerves but are relieved when their preparation pays off and the interview goes well. It helped them to hear the positive feedback each of the other students gave when the interview was completed. 

By Mr. Brett Beil, High School Math