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8th Grade Students Retrace the Journey of Lewis and Clark

On May 14, 1804 President Jefferson chose Meriwether Lewis to explore the western lands. Lewis asked his friend, William Clark, to join him. On April 17, 2018, Rancho's 8th grade students to stepped into Lewis and Clark's shoes and begin their journey at St. Charles on the shores of the Missouri River. Various student volunteers read and acted out the epic journey, while they learned about the many major stops and discoveries of plants and animals along the way.

They began their journey at the Missouri River (the large fountain in front of the Central Campus).  The journey then took them across the Great Plains, where they spent the winter in North Dakota and met Sacagawea. They even encountered a Grizzly Bear that chased Lewis. Next they saw the Great Falls, where they had to carry their canoes. From there they crossed the Continental Divide (the large "divide" by the football field). Here they discovered many native plants and animal species. Crossing the Bitterroot Mountains was a difficult task. In December of 1805 they built Fort Clatsop, and remained there until their return trip. Our helpful porters carried supplies for the hungry hikers. It was a great adventure and a fun learning experience. We hope you can join us on our next journey.

Mrs. Roxanne Speer, Middle School


Mrs. Betsy Kunau, Executive Director

Mrs. Betsy Kunau, Executive Director

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