RCS Upper Elementary BizTown Fun!

Rancho Christian School Upper Elementary students were given the opportunity to visit Junior Achievement BizTown of San Diego this year. Teachers underwent training at the start of the school year, and implemented BizTown’s Economics curriculum for 5 weeks prior to the field trip.

This program encouraged confidence in our students and motivated them to achieve a personal, an educational, and a career goal. Our students studied, actively engaged, and applied their knowledge in each designated program; work readiness, entrepreneurship, and personal financial literacy.

On Thursday, September 27, students walked through the doors of JA BizTown to 21 life-size businesses. Jobs included being the Mayor of Biz Town, working in TV and radio, running a variety of businesses, marketing and advertising, police work, creating a newspaper, and many more.

Students worked the simulated community and were encouraged to use critical thinking skills, learning about key economic concepts. The students were supported by many parent volunteers who went to the venue ahead of them in order to attend a 90-minute training on the simulation.

Nicole Nestor
5th Grade Teacher