4th Grade Wax Museum Day 2018

Wax Museum Historical Figures Day is an exciting project where Rancho Christian 4th grade students choose a person from California history to represent for a day. Students pick their person, research their life, and write a five paragraph essay about them. Also, they will write a short monologue, written in the voice of their person of study (1st person), which they will perform.

On the day of the event, students dress up like the people they have chosen and stand in front of a display board, which they made to represent their person.  They stand completely still in a pose that they have chosen, and wait until someone comes along and say, “Action!”  Once a person says this, the student comes alive and delivers their monologue. When they have finished, they go back to their original position.

All parts of this project are completed in class, from the writing to the display board. We always invite the parents to have a “first viewing” so that they can see the culmination of their child’s hard work.