7th Grade Science Camp

October 10 - 12, 2016


Campus by the Sea, Catalina Island



This October, our 7th grade students are going on a learning adventure to beautiful Catalina Island! At this fabulous biology-based life science camp, students will engage in snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, examining tide pools, and conducting scientific studies. What we learn will coincide with, and bring to life, our classroom science studies for the school year. The camp is run by the Long Beach Marine Institute at a venue called Campus by the Sea. It is a private camp, run by a Christian organization called Intervarsity.

The trip has been scheduled during the early part of the school year so that students can make new friends and bond as they get to know each other better outside of the classroom walls, in one of God’s most spectacular natural settings. In addition to fun adventures, learning, and bonding, we will be taking time each day to worship the Lord.

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Wight at margaret.wight@ranchochristian.org.